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Did you know that plants can help you keep mosquitoes away?

Some of the plants commonly used to repel mosquitoes are citronella, marigolds and catnip among others. Citronella: This plant can mask scents in your home that may attract mosquitoes. Plant it in the ground behind other plants. Marigolds: It’s smell prevents mosquitoes from entering specific areas. Catnip: This one can be grown in the ground […]

Keep your home spider free

There are a few things you can do to keep spiders from finding a comfty place inside your house. First of all, make sure you keep clutter picked up inside the house so they won’t have a place to hide. Spiders don’t like clean, smooth areas. As when dealing other bugs, check for cracks on […]

Five plants that keep away mosquitoes

The summer is here and mosquitoes came to enjoy. It might sound like a good idea to hang out under the stars for the weekend, but then you get bitten by mosquitos. Repellent doesn’t always works, can be uncomfortable to wear, smelly, sticky, ruin your clothes or you just simply forgot to buy it. Well […]