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Master Exterminators Pest Control Services cover all of Yuma’s common pests. We’ll help you get rid of all kinds of insects, including bee colonies.

Bee swarm on fallen tree

Although a bee sting can be deadly to those with allergies, virtually all bee species are non-aggressive if undisturbed and many cannot sting at all.


Removal of the honeycomb is the key to solving a bee problem and not creating bigger problems that required pest control for rodents and bugs, and structural repair from melted honey.

Bee removal is often dangerous and difficult; although bees are mostly found under eaves, they are much different than wasps. A few bees in the house or bees buzzing around a chimney, vent, or eave is usually sign of a beehive. An established beehive typically will consist of 10,000 to 50,000 bees.